View Full Version : STB universal remote code

5th September, 07:00 PM
Anyone manage to get the STB working with a Universal Remote Control?
If so, can you indulge us how and with what code you achieved this feat?

Thanks for your words of wisdom

5th September, 08:54 PM
Probably not much help to you, but I have it working with a Logitech Harmony remote, but the harmony remotes don't use universal codes, you program these remotes over the web and you just select the Amino for it.

For standard universal remote, if you can't find a universal code for it on the web or from Smart, sometimes some universal remotes have a learning feature that allows it themto learn the Amino's IR codes (I had to do something similar to get my TiVo working with the Amino STB).

BTW the Harmony remotes are excellent, far better then any standard universal remote I had used in the past, but a little expensive here in Ireland (got mine for 50 from a friend in the US).