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28th January, 12:11 AM
Getting 3.95M/s down, 500K/s up. Would this be slow, or typical? Was hoping for the full monty!

Connection stats:

DSL Status: - UP
DSL Modulation Mode: - G.dmt.bisplus
Downstream Rate: - 5839 K bps
Upstream Rate: - 608 K bps
Downstream Margin: - 2147483647 db
Upstream Margin: - 15 db
Downstream Line Attenuation: - 59
Upstream Line Attenuation: - 30
Downstream Transmit Power: - 0
Upstream Transmit Power: - 0

Anything amiss here? Could I get my line checked? I suspect that it may be distance from the exchange, though I'm not sure exactly how far I am from it.


28th January, 12:26 AM
Downstream Margin: - 2147483647 db

Holy fscking crap. I'd go check *that* again....

28th January, 12:50 AM
That would be "noise". I see that a lot on my line. Funnily enough with similar figures too. I suspect you're using a linksys wireless router too? THe WAG345 one?

Thats what I see when the noise gets excessive on the line also. Used to scary now I just shrug shoulders and go "nyeh".

My line speed was aroun 3mb and 512kbps up so you're not doing too badly there.